CD REVIEWS – Catching Yourself Gracefully

… winning interpretations of Duke Ellington, Cole Porter and Cedar Walton songs… Green’s trio, which includes bassist Jim Cox and drummer Phil Gratteau, creates a solid group dynamic throughout.
~ WBEZ, Chicago

Mr. Green is one of a growing number of young jazz musicians who are shaping jazz for the 21st century. His approach to jazz is through his bright and intelligent compositions, as well as his careful analyses of the standards literature. Tim Green’s ballad playing flows from the same well as that of Bill Evans, Fred Hersch, Lynne Arriale, and Alan Broadbent. Good stuff…all good stuff.
~ C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

A nice excursion in piano jazz. For a nice look at a bit of contemporary piano jazz, this album does well.
~ Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide

I enjoyed Tim Green’s debut album. His eloquent musical approach demonstrated both in his compositions and performance is nothing short of poetic. Tim was wise to choose Phil Gratteau and Jim Cox both of whom respond to his every phrase as if they have been playing together for years.
~ Mike Kocour

I really enjoyed this CD. The recording quality is excellent and Tim sounds terrific; but the best thing is the way they play together as a trio.
~ John Campbell

“Catching Yourself Gracefully” is beautifully done… a great compilation of music… par esquisat! Congratulations to Tim for putting together a very nice recording. Alot of thought went into the making of this recording. Tim has shown alot of development… nice interaction… good chemistry… nicely recorded…. this is a nice sound photograph of Tim at this moment in life. Look for more!
~ Donnie Heitler

… this CD is a fabulous showcase for Green’s strength and sensitivity. While his playing is intellectual, he never fails to find and explore the emotional core of a song.
~ Laura Kennedy, WGLT 89.1 fm

CD REVIEWS – Jeannie’s Song

This CD is wonderful! Tim has another winner!
~ Ross Gentile, WSIE, Edwardsville, IL

There’s something mystical about (Green’s) band … Green displays a sophisticated soulful reverence, for every song is a new experience. There’s a karmic attentiveness for those who paved the road ahead for Tim Green. He shows his appreciation and moves on to his own style. OA2 has a great artist coming forward.
~ Dick Crockett, The Voice 88.7fm, Sacramento, CA

Pianist Tim Green leads a very hip piano-guitar quartet on Jeannie’s Song … This quartet is going places in both the mainstream and adult contemporary arenas. We should all be watching for more from Tim Green.
~ C. Michael Bailey , All About Jazz

A totally New Thing…nice sounding disc….
~ Vince Outlaw on The New Jazz Thing Live on Jazz 88 San Diego

… carefully chosen works of modern jazz flowing somewhat effortlessly from the hands of the musicians. The pieces here show off a nice mixture of the old and the new … Beyond the selection of songs, though, there’s quite a bit of fine playing to be heard here, with the players perhaps not spending a large amount of time in far-flung solos, but providing some excellent interplay and creating a whole of relaxed afternoon jazz … a solid swing throughout and a lot of nice chops on the side.
~ Adam Greenberg, All Music Guide


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